How To Prevent Ice Dams This Winter

Ice dams are common in Minnesota and can really damage your roof. Ice dams are often caused by excessive heat or moisture inside your roof or attic, but can also be caused by clogged gutters.If you ignore an ice dam for long enough, it can cause a lot of damage to your roof, gutters, paint, insulation even your interior drywall or other areas.Let’s look at a few ways you can prevent ice dams, and give Royal Roofing a call for all of your roof maintenance needs!

Preventing Ice Dams

1. Ventilation

The most effective solution to keeping moisture out of your attic is with proper ventilation. There should be ventilation from the underside of the roof eave to the peak of the roof. If you have any bathrooms improperly vented into your attic, this will also lead to a lot of moisture which needs to be vented out.

2. Heat Reduction

Besides proper ventilation, you’ll also need to reduce the amount of heat in your attic. With heat in the attic, not only does condensation form inside the attic, you also will have more snow melting, which can lead to faster ice formation.

3. Clean Gutters

One way or another, ice will melt, so it’s important to keep your gutters clean so water can escape. Downspouts should be properly cleared as well, so that water doesn’t gather near the base of your home as well.

4. Roof Maintenance

Finally, have you roof properly maintained by a professional like Royal Roofing! We have an amazing Maintenance Program which provides professional monitoring of your roof, and many great additional services to help you save money, save energy, eliminate preventable repairs, and protect you from roof-related interior damage.