Commercial Roofing

At Royal Roofing, we’ve had the pleasure of working on commercial roofing across a number of different industries including:

Because of our experience and knowledge, you can hire Royal Roofing Inc. with complete confidence for any commercial roofing situation. We treat your roof with the respect and time it deserves; with us, there is no one-size-fits-all roof system. We do our best to work within your budget and can implement a maintenance schedule to keep your roof at its best. Our team of qualified Minnesota roofers can also perform waterproofing services or spray a protective polyurethane foam on your commercial roof to keep it lasting longer through the cold winters and hot summers.

Take a look at some of the key services we offer for commercial roofing and give us a call anytime.

Commercial Roofing Services Offered

TPO Systems

Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) roofing systems are a blend of materials reinforced with polyester. TPO roofing is highly energy efficient.

EPDM Rubber

Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer (EPDM) rubber roofing is a synthetic rubber membrane. EPDM roofing is extremely durable against fire, hail, high winds and other damage.

Built-Up Systems

Built-Up roofing – a.k.a. composition roofing – is made of layers of bitumen saturated felt, coated felt, polyester felt and is sometimes reinforced with fiberglass mats or organic mats.

PVC Roof Systems

Polyvinyl Chlorides (PVC) roofing is easier to use on unusually shaped buildings, is resistant to UV rays and is fire-safe as well.

Metal Roofs

Metal roofing is reliable and worry-free for the most part. With a very long life compared to asphalt or other roofing materials, metal roofing is extremely durable.

Roof Restoration

At Royal Roofing, we can perform roof restoration on flat, low-sloped and metal roofs without an expensive tear-off. We can work with any of the above roofing systems.

Commercial Ice Dam

Ice dams are some of the most destructive things which can happen to your commercial roof. Royal Roofing is a professional commercial ice dam removal company.

Your roof is one of the most important things keeping your business running and eventually needs to be replaced even with the best maintenance schedule. Trust Royal Roofing to do it best, at the best price. We’re your professional, highly qualified contractor handling commercial roofing. Get in touch today!

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