Royal Roofing’s Maintenance Program works to help you:

At Royal Roofing, we know that proper roof maintenance is an important, but often overlooked aspect of home or building ownership. With our Maintenance Program, you can rest easy knowing that you are protected and able to spend your time on other important activities. Renewed on a yearly basis, the program will provide professional monitoring of your roof, and provide many great additional services to help you save money, save energy, eliminate preventable repairs, and protect you from roof-related interior damage.

Roof Analysis

We begin by conducting a comprehensive roof analysis and discuss with you the findings in our Roof Analysis Report. This report is provided for your records, and becomes a working document that is referred to each time Royal Roofing inspects your system.

Repair and Replacement Budgets

Based on the results of the Roof Analysis, repairs may be needed to avoid further deterioration. We work with you to create a repair budget to improve the condition of your roof, and allow for it to be maintained effectively. We also estimate the time remaining on your present roofing system allowing you to budget in advance to protect your building and all you value inside of it.

Inspection Schedule

We also discuss with you an inspection schedule that is set-up annually, semi-annually, or quarterly depending on your needs. Following each inspection you will be provided a detailed analysis of your roofing system.

Warranty Protection

Many quality manufacturers provide warranties on their materials and products, but often the warranty will require a fully documented annual inspection by a roofing professional. Our report meets and exceeds the documentation requirements of the manufacturers to keep your warranty intact.

Historical Record

Royal Roofing also maintains a database including the historical information about your roof. By keeping this history, we are able to better identify patterns of problems, age, wear and tear, and damage caused by natural events including snow, ice, wind and rain. It allows us to diagnose issues faster, better and more efficiently.

Save Money and the Environment

Using our Maintenance Program, you will not only save money in many ways, but will also help save the environment. Inspection and maintenance ensures your roofing system is sealed to avoid any escaping energy. Our company is dedicated to eliminating energy waste and recycling products to help our environment thrive.

Royal Roofing is your professional and highly qualified roofing company in the Twin Cities. We provide years of experience and the best service and quality in the industry. Our goal is to provide the people of Minneapolis and beyond roofing services that are both affordable and of the highest quality. We take pride in the reputation our name has earned, and we desire to serve you for any commercial or residential roofing needs. Contact our friendly staff today for a free consultation, or get answers to any of your roofing questions. Royal Roofing: Climbing the Ladder to Excellence.

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