Minneapolis Ice Dam Removal

If you have lived through a few Minnesota winters, you know that the snow and ice can accumulate on your roof and around your home. Ice dams are a common problem in Minneapolis with the frigid winter weather and they can cause serious damage to your roof and its structure. Ice dams build up around your roof and they can force water into vital parts of your roof.

The roofing professionals at Royal Roofing Inc. can help rid your roof any ice dams that are building up around your roof. We take pride in providing a fast response time so we can potentially get to the problem before it causes too much damage. We use only the most effective and safest methods for removing the ice dams from the roof of your home or business so you can hire us with complete confidence.

In addition to removing the ice dams efficiently and effectively, our roofing professionals at Royal Roofing Inc. can install products that will minimize or prevent ice dams in the future. For more information on how we can help you minimize ice dam problems, call Royal Roofing Inc. to set up an appointment for a consultation today.

In addition to removing ice dams, the roofing specialists at Royal Roofing Inc. can remove the accumulated snow that has collected on your roof. Snow is heavy and it gets even heavier when it collects moisture. If left unchecked, the weight of the snow can damage the structure of your roof and cause leaks and other problems. We can come to your home and remove the accumulated snow from your roof and save it from damage. Simply contact us to set up an appointment or to get more information about this important service.