EPDM Membrane

One of the most popular types of roofing for new and reroofed low slope buildings is EPDM roofing. EPDM, or ethylene propylene diene terpolymer, is a synthetic rubber membrane that has proven to outperform many other roofing materials for over 40 years. With exceptional sustainability under normal conditions, EPDM roofing has proven to overcome even the most extreme situations. Studies have shown that fire, hail, high winds, and other types of damage have much less effect on EPDM than many other roofing applications. And because of its durability and long-lasting strength, EPDM is the top-performing value product in the entire roofing industry. Royal Roofing has the experience and skill to provide you with an affordable and high quality EDPM roofing system.

How EPDM Roofing Works

EPDM is primarily derived from naturally occurring oil and natural gas. It comes in many different sizes and thicknesses to meet a wide variety of applications, and can be installed in several different ways including ballasting, mechanical attaching, or full adhesion. To install, first, the roof is measured to ensure that the EPDM is installed without gaps or wrinkles in the membrane. The roof is cleaned, and EPDM is placed on the roof surface using one of the installation methods. Seams are coated with a sealant to protect them. Finally, adhesive is used on the edges of the roof to keep it from pulling up. Often, trim is installed to protect, and enhance the appearance of the EPDM membrane.

Additional Advantages

There are many additional advantages to an EPDM roofing system including:

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