Blown Off Shingles

You could believe that wind has not damaged your roof covering if you do not see any roof shingles blown off. Think once again. Wind can create a great deal of problems to your roof that will certainly reduce its life as well as leave it prone to leakages as well as more damage. As well as you may never also know it!

How it Happens

When the wind blows, it develops a substantial quantity of tension on the tiles. Problems don’t take place from the wind itself getting beneath the shingles, however instead from the vacuum-like pressures produced on the surface area. Have you ever watched video clip of a tornado coming close to a home, as well as unexpectedly the whole roofing ascends the residence as though it were a lid? It coincides uplift pressure that can create damage to your roof shingles, albeit on a smaller scale.

The first point wind uplift will certainly do to your roof shingles is destroy the glue seal. As soon as that seal is cracked, the roof shingles become at risk to detaching entirely and wind will certainly cause blown off shingles. These loose roof shingles will certainly commonly flap backwards and forwards during the next electrical storm, enabling rain to obtain entrance underneath, where it isn’t really expected to be! Wind driven rain could then trigger leakages as well as ruin the interior of your residence. The roof shingles must be secured down in order to do their job appropriately. Every maker’s specification highlights that the roof shingles should be sealed. At a bare minimum, these shingles should be hand-sealed back down. This may not be possible with older shingles, depending on their condition. Wind will most likely cause blown off shingles when it’s a n older roof.

In many cases when the seal of the shingle is destroyed, it will certainly create de-lamination of that shingle, or the one it was closed to. In this instance, the tile cannot simply be resealed. Both roof shingles should be changed. It is very feasible an entire roof covering might require replacement as a result of de-lamination, despite the fact that every one of the tiles are still in area.

An additional typical kind of damage due to wind that could not be viewed from the ground is creasing. This takes place when the seal has actually been destroyed, as well as with the shingle waving in the wind, it folds it back much sufficient to form a fold. This will typically take place prior to the roof shingles tears off completely, which is one of the most apparent kind of damages, and also conveniently noticeable from the ground. The point is, blown off shingles are not the only damage that is caused by wind.

Royal Roofing is Here to Help with Blown Off Shingles

Don’t hesitate till your roof covering springs a leakage! Have your roofing inspected a minimum of at least one time a year, as well as following any sort of major tornado to guarantee you are conscious of its problem. You may be able to obtain a new roofing system through your homeowners insurance policy.

To learn more about how Royal Roofing can help with blown off shingles, please check out our damage repair page and Contact Us! Thanks for your time.