Residential Hail Damage

When it comes to hail damage, chances are you or someone you know will have to deal with it at some point. It’s a fact of life in Minnesota.

You might even have residual hail damage from a previous storm and not know it. You might think of your roof as solid and being able to stand up to anything – short of a tornado – but hail can bruise, dent and otherwise degrade a healthy roof to a point where it is too weak to keep the elements out.

How Hail Damages Your Roof

Hail damages different roofs in different ways. Sometimes you will be able to identify it from the ground, other times you may need to climb on the roof or call a professional. Do not climb onto your roof without taking proper safety precautions and using safety equipment.


Asphalt shingles will react to hail by ‘bruising’. The hail strike areas will be soft to the touch, like a bruised apple. You will also notice loss of the granules on the shingle where hail hit. If the damage doesn’t cause a leak the next time it rains, it may soon without an inspection and repair.


Wood shingles tend to split when hit by hail. You’ll recognize these splits as different from normal wear and tear because the edges are sharp instead of deteriorated. This type of damage will likely cause a leak very soon.


Hail may dent metal roofs, but it is more difficult to damage than other roof types. The most likely areas to receive damage will be seams, ridges, caps and trim. Typically, hail damage to metal roofs is cosmetic, so be sure to check your insurance policy.

My Roof Has Hail Damage: What Do I Do Now?

Now, it’s time to call the insurance company. Once you’ve spoken with them, you need to find a hail damage contractor to fix the damage.

A hail damage contractor like Royal Roofing will come out to your property and inspect the roof and report back to the insurance company. Once the work is approved, the hail damage contractor can get to work repairing your roof!

Royal Roofing Is Here To Help

Royal Roofing is your local provider of high-quality hail damage repair. Throughout the years, some of the most respected companies have chosen Royal Roofing for their roofing needs and given us glowing reviews. Contact our friendly staff today for a free consultation on your hail damage!