Residential Ice & Snow Removal

The Minnesota winters can wreak havoc on your roof if you don’t have a proactive approach to the freezing rain, snow and wind. The wind can brutalize your shingles and the freezing rain can collect beneath your roof and cause damage which can lead to leaks in your roof and even more damage.

At Royal Roofing Inc., our qualified staff of snow removal specialists will help remove the ice and snow from your residential home. We know how nerve wracking it can be to climb the ladder to clean the snow off your roof when the snow has fallen and the winds are blowing. Our professionals have the tools needed to clear off your roof safely and efficiently to help prevent ice and snow buildup under shingles and in your gutters which can lead to costly repairs.

With one phone call to our friendly Royal Roofing Inc. representatives, you can schedule a one-time appointment for us to come out and clear the snow off your roof or you can set up a schedule so we automatically come to your residential home after each significant snowfall. Our professional staff takes away the worry of clearing off your own roof during the winter months.

Why Royal Roofing for Commercial Snowplowing?

One of the most frequently used methods that we use at Royal Roofing Inc. is the steaming method for clearing off ice dams which can build up on the edge of your roof. Ice dams occur when there are several cycles of snow melting and refreezing. There is a misconception that the snow simply melts and drips down to the ground. But the reality is that the cold and frigid temperatures prevent that from happening during the winter months. Instead, when the snow and ice melt, it typically builds up at the edge of the roof and then seeps beneath the shingles and other parts of the roof and freezes again. Our state of the art steaming method removes the ice and snow safely and quickly.

If you want to make sure your roof can withstand the tough Minnesota winter, contact the experts at Royal Roofing Inc. Our staff is ready to help explore solutions to your snow removal problems at affordable prices. Contact us today for more information.